Ducted Air Conditioners are an amalgamation of technology and innovation, as they are well concealed in ceilings, which make them highly suitable for spacious offices, conference rooms, marriage halls, showrooms and other places. We also offer different kinds of services under this category, including AC Installation Service, AC Maintenance Service and AC Repairing Service.


Checking all sites from installation and other related activities. Specially trained and experienced engineers do site visits. Evaluating,preparing and submitting technical BOQ for the site and also most competetive quotes. Site progress and timely completion of sites using the best materials and workmanship.

Split AC:

Split Air Conditioners can be the right choice for those who own homes/ offices & Commercial with spacious rooms. And since they are portable enough, you can easily mount them in any desired location. While installing these Air Conditioners, we take a note of the size of the room and the magnitude of the crowd occupying it. For this category as well, we offer AC Installation Service, AC Repairing Service and AC Maintenance Service.

Multiple Split AC:

These systems can comprise of big or small indoor units that operate with a common outdoor unit. For these Air Conditioners, we offer AC Installing Service, AC Repairing Service and AC Maintenance Service.

Repairs :

  • All types of repairs whether on site or in workshop undertaken.
  • Imported vacuum pumps and tools are available for repairs and evaluations.
  • Spares procurement for different products and models at reasonable charges.
  • Estimates for repairs provided.
  • Compressors replacements done at site ( for splits & ductables).

Annual Maintenance Contracts :

  • We provide all types of contracts labour, semicomprehensive and comprehensive for full range of airconditioners.
  • It gives us great pleasure in attending & renewing contracts of our prestigious clients year after year. A base of consumers drive us to keep our service engineers on toes always.
  • A dedicated software keeps track of all contracts,renewals , and reminder dates for servicing as and when due.

Material Supply :

We supply all the materials as well as spares for all type of HVAC systems. All equipment supplied by us some brand a 1 year warranty and we will be happy to send our technicians to your work to carry out and break down service. In future we will also service you with necessary spares parts for our systems.


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